Mecon ltd.  - Passive Fire-Fighting
Primer Intumescent paint TopcoatFor Fire rating, Mecon Ltd. specializes in fire prevention, advice and application of Intumescent paint
With specialised equipment our work meets the standards required by the Laws and Regulations regarding Fire Protection.
We offer FREE advice on Passive Fire Prevention.
A construction can collapse when part of the main structure is lost in the event of Fire.
 Mecon Ltd. ensures with the fire resistant coating that the structure will remain intact.
And that : 
Escape routes remain intact so people can escape safely and firefighters can work efficiently and safely.

The walls and floors, of a fire compartment remain intact,  (when Intumescent paint is applied) which prevents early collapsing of the steel sturcture.

We welcome the opportunity to deliver you the best service in this industry New Zealand wide.



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