Mecon ltd.  - Passive Fire-Fighting
 Who is Mecon Ltd. ?
Mecon Ltd. is a metal conservation company.
Established in New Zealand in 2010, based in Tauranga.
Director is Olaf van Toor originating from The Netherlands.
He developed a very successful business in The Netherlands applying Intumescent paint to large steel structures.
Olaf van Toor has nine years experience in the Dutch voluntary Fire Brigade so has added knowledge in Passive and Active Fire Safety Systems.
To keep this up to scrap Olaf has joined the USAR and the Fire Brigade in Tauranga. 
What does Mecon Ltd. do ?
Mecon Ltd. specializes in applying intumescent paint to new steel structures/fire rated door on site.
The picture shows a marine door fabricated by StainlessDownunder.
With more then ten years of experience in industrial spraypainting correct application is guaranteed
Mecon Ltd also repairs intumescent paint and calculates the amount of paint.
We offer advice, and quote for your requirments in this field.
When Mecon ltd. applies the required amount of microns intumescent paint
on to the steel structure and in combination with the steel structure.
We guarantee that the steel stucture will stay intact in a event of a fire for the time of 30, 60 or 90 Min.
Why would you use Intumescent paint ?
In the event of fire to a large building, it takes a short time for the steel structure to warp and the heat penetration to weaken the structure, and therefore it will collapse.
If the correct amount of µm Intumescent paint is applied in combination with the steel structure, it will resist the heat for an extented 30 / 60 / 90 or even 120 minutes. 
This means that fire escape routes remain intact allowing people to escape safely and firefighters to work more safely and efficiently.
When would you apply intumescent paint ?
Intumescent paint is often applied in Public buildings such as Schools, Hospitals, Sport  Event Centers, Shopping malls, etc. 
Steel structures now often remain visible for Architectural purposes,and is not suitable to incapsulate or use oversized beams .
To meet the required criteria, Intumescent paint is then the perfect solution and may also be a cost-effective exercise!
How does intumescent paint works ?
The intumescent coating is a thin layer of an average of dry 100 µm up to 4000 µm thickness. (µm is micron) 
The components are completely stable and do not react at low temperatures.

At a temperature of 150°C or more, the components start a reaction making an expanded three-dimensional protective layer around the columns/steel structure.
This insulating layer has a very low carbon thermal conductivity. 
During a fire, the substrate is protected by thermal barrier.